Deer Flower by Kangmin Kim

Deer Flower is a beautifully haunting tale of Kangim Kim’s childhood recollection of his first, and hopefully only, taste of deer blood. As a child Kim was often sick, and his parents enlisted him to drink from the horn of these wild animals. The piece incorporates a satiating combination of 3D printed elements, textured printouts, and hand drawn animation. It’s no wonder the piece has received so many awards; the craft is on point, along with a compelling narrative and a strange surrealism that often accompanies childhood memories.


Special Jury mention / Animafest Zagreb 2016
Best animated film / Aspen Shorfest 2016 (OSCAR qualifying)
Best Animation Short / Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 (OSCAR qualifying)
Special Jury mention for mixed media / AFI Fest 2016
Grand prix / Busan International Short Film Festival 2016
Grand prix / Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival 2016
Special Jury Prize / Jeonju International Film Festival 2016
Prize for independent walk / Indie-AnieFest 2016
Honorific Mention / SHORTS MEXICO 2016
Grand Prix / China Independent Animation Film Forum 2016
Honorable Mention / Philadelphia Film Festival 2016

Blog by Amun Levy