Bulgari Viper by Virgilio Villoresi

The story of Rapunzel has never been personified so glamorously. The reimagined tale is sprinkled with a hint of Escher-esque staircase surrealism. At times we feel transported into the movie “Labyrinth”, minus David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. In any case, there are some masterful creative juices at work here. Nice work Villoresi and team!


Directed by Virgilio Villoresi
Animator // Virgilio Villoresi // Anna Ciamitti
Producer // Edoardo Mari // Andrea Montanelli // Eleonora Cei
Cinematographer // Michele Brandstetter
Set designer // Riccardo Carelli // Federica Locatelli
Gaffer // Gigi Pasquali
Electrician // Valerio Vigo // Gabriele Gregorig
Camera Assistant // Ferruccio Falco // Paolo Bertoni
Propman // Pietro Tessera // Matteo Stefan
Art Buyer // Danilo Innocenti
StudioMan // Gabro Innocenti
Set Photographer // Matteo Polo
Postproducer // Salvatore Murgia // Filippo Morini // Katia Rado
MUA // Rossella Villa
Model // Lu [email protected]
Composer // Sandro Verde
Colorist // Salvatore Murgia
Shot at Moviechrome Studios, Milano

Blog by Amun Levy