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The Red Witch / Aron Bothman

May 2nd, 2016

This student film from Aron Bothman is top notch cinematic storytelling, coupled with stellar artistic direction. A 4th year character animation student, along with a team of other classmates from CalArts, brings us a fascinating piece about future civilizations.
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Made in Spain / Coke Riobóo

April 24th, 2016

Made in Spain may be the stop-motion’ed, modernized, and relocated answer to Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Not that we even knew what the question was. Nor should there ever be an explanation for absurd juxtapositions like these. All the while, Coke Riobóo prods us to acknowledge the satirical situations at hand. We can’t wait to see the full piece, and see what other crazy shenanigans are taking place in Spain, while we watch behind our computer monitors in awe!
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Trace / Kijek / Adamski

April 17th, 2016

I hate sports, but if there were a way to give all athletic games this exact aesthetic, I would be out tailgating and painting my face at every match. “Trace” is an installation piece created by an animation pair Kijek/Adamski exhibited at La Gaîté Lyrique.
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Popcorn Attack / Kamila i Mirek Sosnowscy

April 12th, 2016

This spot for an animation film festival in Bydgoszcz is fun and clever. Little toy army men wage war with popcorn kernels until the movie begins to play and peace reigns over the land. It’s short and sweet in more ways than one. Full of little surprises and giant octopus monsters, it’s a delightful little stop motion gem.
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Mute Swan / Jesse Cafiero

April 3rd, 2016

Okay kids, lets all hop in the car and go on a psychedelic road trip across the universe. Jesse Cafiero in the driver’s seat, bringing us this music video for “Mute Swan” composed by Ryan Dugre. It’s an animated collage that’s like a massage for your brain. I was feeling a bit stressed this week, with harsh deadlines at work and no time at home to even do laundry, but this video seriously calmed my nerves. I’m telling you, these sights and sounds are like eyeball Xanax.
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