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Dragonframe Keypad Controller

Dragonframe Keypad Controller
Our price: US$25.00
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Price US$20.00

OUR PRICE: $25.00

Note: Proof of Dragonframe license is required for purchase.

Break free from the computer and get closer to your animation with the Dragonframe USB Keypad Controller.

About the Dragonframe Controller:

The Dragonframe Controller is a high-quality USB keypad for controlling the most commonly used Dragonframe functions. It features screen-printed icons and a ten-foot long USB cable.

It is included with your purchase of Dragonframe 3.0, or you can buy it separately for $25.

Keypad Layout

0 Shoot
1 Step Backward
2 Step Forward
3 Jump to Lice
4 Auto Toggle
5 Toggle
6 Short Play
7 Play to Black
8 Loop
9 Cutback
- Onionskin Left
+ Onionskin Right
/ Mute
bs delete
. High=Res
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