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Dragonframe 5 Download (Student)

Digital Download Only

Perpetual license for version 5.x.x for macOS/Windows/Linux.

We offer the full version of Dragonframe to students at a discount. The software license is for non-commercial use only.

If you need to use the license for commercial work in the future, simply contact support and you can pay the difference. You do not need to re-purchase the software.

NOTE: Student orders may take up to 24 hours to be approved. Please do not order the full version and then ask for a discount.

(max file size 8 MB)

(Excludes tax)

Dragonframe 5 Software

Dragonframe 5 stop motion animation software for macOS, Windows and Linux.

The software is delivered as a digital download as soon as your payment clears, so you can get to work right away. (Student orders must be approved before you receive your license. Any rejected orders will be canceled and fully refunded.)


  1. You will receive a serial number within your e-mail invoice.
  2. Download the software from our site. [Downloads]
  3. Use this serial number to activate the software.

WHAT THE LICENSE ENTITLES YOU TO: You may activate the software on one computer for every license you purchase. You may also activate a single license on a second computer if Dragonframe will not be used on both at the same time.

You will receive free minor updates and bug-fix releases (e.g. 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1.0, etc.).


  • Added Contour Shuttle integration
  • Added support for Z-CAM cameras
  • Added support for SIGMA fp and fp L cameras
  • Ani: Added hardware acceleration on macOS and Windows for media layer playback
  • Ani: Option to pin media players, so they stay up when switching exposures
  • Ani: Hot key to toggle bash light in Animation workspace
  • Ani: Hot keys to toggle grid layers
  • Ani: Added “camera as media layer”
  • Ani: Sharper hi-res proxies for playback
  • Arc: Improved UI performance
  • Arc: Move test / real-time playback for indexed positions
  • Arc: Real-time looping and ping-pong playback
  • Arc: Option to automatically start/stop movie recording with real-time playback
  • Arc: Determine if move can be accomplished by virtual rig
  • Arc: Reorient move to current position
  • Arc: Output OSC both real and virtual motor positions
  • DMX: Supports up to four DMX ‘universes’ of 512 channels each
  • DMX: Improved UI performance with many channels
  • DMX: Added gel chooser for ARRI fixtures with gel lists
  • Audio: Restore track order when loading scene
  • Audio: Export lip sync movie
  • Added NDI video output, which can be used in Unreal Engine
  • Added heif/heic image support
  • Use x264 mp4 output for better results, and consistent support across all platforms
  • X-Sheet: Option to pop out into separate window
  • X-Sheet: Added multiple options to drawing tools


  • Support for Apple M1 Silicon (ARM64)
  • Multiple camera support (up to four) – for additional hi-res capture or video assist
  • Separate Drawing Layers and References for each magnification view or alternative video assist
  • “Making-of” capture integrated into the animation process
  • Support for fractional display scaling on Windows and Linux (125%, 150%, etc)
  • Recover from conform failure
  • Emojis in drawing layer text, notes
  • Support Monogram Creative Console (Palette Gear) for various tasks
  • Added a time estimate for long shoot multiple and move tests
  • Added a composite movie export option
  • Added a reverse export option
  • Added a multiple-frame auto toggle
  • Added keypad focus control in animation workspace
  • Added ‘Past Takes’ reference layer to make it easier to refer to previous takes
  • Drawing tool increment editor ticks can now show during animation or playback
  • Reference movie player can go full screen
Camera Support
  • Support for Android and iOS devices over WiFi via DF Tether 2.0
  • Support for Intel RealSense depth cameras
  • Improved RED support with capture over WiFi now possible
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Graph mode to program with curves
  • Program triggers (logic out and relay) via timeline
  • Load test shots at full size
  • Full DMX export/import
  • Added search bar to more easily find lights
  • Added ‘thread’ to visually tie badges to area in image
Motion Control
  • Added “aim point” (with virtuals)
  • Autodesk FBX import/export of camera (with virtuals)
  • Safe move browser
  • Programmable, repeatable focus with Canon FPM camera+lens combos

    (FPM is ‘focus point memory’, and is part of a newer version of the stop motion firmware.

    You must purchase a camera with this firmware, or get your camera upgraded, in order to use this feature.)

  • Programmable shutter speed
  • Go motion can be enabled/disabled per exposure
  • Record axis animation, for set or prop movers
  • Couple two motor outputs (zDMC only)
  • Output motor positions via OSC
  • Move tests can be shot in reverse (for speedier turnaround)
  • Added “replace audio file” option
  • Custom script actions can be assigned to hotkeys and called from Dragonframe
  • OSC scripting can now have multiple calls for one action

System Requirements



  • Windows 10/11 (64-Bit Only)
  • OpenGL 2.1 Capable Graphics Card
  • Intel/AMD CPU with 2+ Cores
  • 4GB+ RAM
  • A supported camera


  • x86_64/amd64 Ubuntu 20+ or Fedora 28+ (Ubuntu recommended)
  • OpenGL 2.1 Capable Graphics Card
  • Intel/AMD CPU with 2+ Cores
  • 4GB+ RAM
  • A supported camera
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Software License Agreement

The end-user license agreement is part of the installation process. You can also review it here: EULA.

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