Renault 4L – 60 Ans by Victor Haegelin

High gloss, snappy color, and fast, well-lit fun are all first impressions of Victor Haegelin of Patagraph’s homage to the Renault 4L. “I had been planning to a some race with tiny cars on a desktop for a long time. And that’s exactly when Renault came and asked me to celebrate the Renault 4L 60th Birthday,” Haegelin told us. “I couldn’t have been more excited.”

06 / 08 / 2021|

Caramello ‘Gardener’ Commercial by Tiny Inventions

Our pick this week brings to life our continued fascination with a world made of candy, this time with a new twist. “When the project was shared with us from the agency,” said directors, Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata--AKA Tiny Inventions, “the basic concept was there—a man, sad that his garden won’t grow, puts a Caramello bar in a hose to create a field of chocolate flowers.” This before and after look at a world before candy coating (sad garden) and after (happy, sprouting candy garden) gave way to a broader concept for the team.

05 / 20 / 2021|

Magical Cat by Threadwood

“Magical Cat is mostly inspired by our cat, the internet's love of cat videos, and our love for the old school, animated interstitials from networks like Nickelodeon and Saturday morning cartoon blocks,” said Threadwood's Scott DaRos & Alexis Deprey.

05 / 03 / 2021|

Global Women – Career Limiting by Anna Mantzaris

When Animator, Anna Mantzaris was approached by Global Women and Saatchi & Saatchi to create a spot for Global Women New Zeeland for International Womens Day, 2021, she was thrilled. “It’s such a motivation to work both with a project that has a great cause that I support but also feel for,” she told us.

04 / 22 / 2021|

Good Intentions by Anna Mantzaris

In Good Intentions’ small thriller about decision making and guilt, a young woman responsible for a car accident. She escapes the scene but can’t stop thinking, or imagining, what happened to the other driver. The scenes that ensue, as the woman then becomes a ghost of its former self, are what really grabbed our eye. We’d never seen a ghost puppet before and director, Anna Mantzaris, pulled it off very well.

03 / 15 / 2021|

The Coin by Siqi Song

The Coin is a film about tradition, family, immigration, and most importantly, about finding ourselves,” says Chinese director Siqi Song. She goes on to explain the origins of a short that we found exceptional in both visual and narrative achievement.

02 / 24 / 2021|


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