The Full Story by Daisy Jacobs

Daisy Jacobs’ new short, “The Full Story,” is many things: real, poignant, uniquely animated, and sometimes hard to watch. “I was interested in the idea of family break-ups and how people part ways,” the director told us.

10 / 24 / 2019|

Join & Blend Mixlab by Ediz Anavi

“We thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was a machine that can make a cocktail all by itself?’ and with that thought we started our creative process,” Ediz Anavi told us of the making of the set of three Join & Blend “Mix Lab” commercials.

10 / 09 / 2019|

Nighthawk by Špela Čadež

Beginning in darkness and with what looks to be a dead badger, you know “Nighthawk” is going to be dark in every way when the first spoken line is, “Get the shovel.”

09 / 18 / 2019|

Berlin Playground by Kaho Yoshida

her uber-creative animated collage of found objects and urban observations, Kaho Yoshida says, “Berlin Playground” is a mini film inspired by her experience of moving to Berlin. “I moved to Berlin in March and I immediately fell in love with the DIY, edgy, free-spirited hang out spaces in Berlin,” she told us.

09 / 10 / 2019|

Under Covers by Mighty Oak

“What do people do behind closed doors, tucked in bed, after the lights go out? Who are we when we think nobody’s looking? These questions have been quietly floating around in my brain for a long time, and now the secret is out,” said director, Michaela Olsen of her the unique new short coming out of Mighty Oak Studios, “Under Covers.”

08 / 18 / 2019|