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feature film studios
  Aardman Animations Bristol
Aardman Animations is the studio behind some of the most well-known stop motion characters and series such as Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. Aardman has begun production on a Shaun the Sheep movie, which will be filmed with Dragonframe.
  Disney Los Angeles
Disney produced Tim Burton's latest stop motion film, Frankenweenie. Their studio at Burning Windmills Pictures used more than 30 Dragonframe stages, each equipped with our DDMX-S2 lighting controller. The film was released October 2012 and has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
  LAIKA Portland
LAIKA is an animation studio that produces features and shorts from scratch. Their first stop-motion movie, Coraline, was released to critical acclaim in 2009. ParaNorman, their second feature, was released August 2012. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. LAIKA is busy filming The Boxtrolls, a beautiful hybrid of 3D stop-motion animaton and CG.
"I can't imagine animating with anything else..."
—Travis Knight, CEO / Lead Animator
  BreakThru films poland/U.K.
Founded by producer Hugh Welchman, BreakThru Films is a London and Warsaw-based prize-winning film and animation production company. BreakThru established its reputation with its slate of prize-winning shorts which have collected over twenty international awards & nominations, including two BAFTA nominations, an official selection at Cannes, as well as an Oscar for Best Short Animation Film for Peter & The Wolf.
animation studios
  Bix Pix sun valley
Bix Pix is an entertainment studio that works in animation—primarily stop-motion mixed media, using a cornucopia of materials, where characters and worlds are made of clay, paper, found objects, armatures, foam, all things miniature. The studio creates for television, feature films, music videos, web content, and commercials. Bix Pix provides its clients, partners and internal group with an exuberant haven in which to create, work and play.
  Shadow machine los angeles
Emmy Award winning animation studio, Shadow Machine, produces Robot Chicken and other inventive television series, all shot with Dragonframe.
  duck los angeles
Home of Emmy Award winning stop motion director Jamie Caliri. DUCK has racked up awards using Dragonframe for spots and title sequences.
"We've been using Dragon on our stop motion projects with great success. It's proving to be an invaluable tool during production."
—Mark Medernach, Executive Producer
  stoopid buddy stoodios Burbank
With an emphasis on strong storytelling, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is at the forefront of pushing traditional forms of animation into exciting new realms through the use of cutting-edge techniques.
"Dragon is the breakthrough stop motion has been waiting for. We're all about pushing the envelope, and Dragon allows us to do that."
—Eric Towner, Annie-Award Winning Animator
  Anifex australia
Australia's largest and most well respected stop motion production company, Anifex has a wonderful reputation for producing award winning television commercials and short films.
  cuppa coffee toronto
Cuppa Coffee Toronto is the world's largest stop-motion studio. They run over 30 Dragonframe stages nearly year-round, shooting broadcast series and commercials.
"While working with the beta software, the Dragon team took our notes and responded quickly and effectively with solutions that worked. Having developers who were that committed to the product really impressed us."
—Chris Morris, Post-Production Supervisor
  Beast Animaton Belgium
Beast Animation was founded in 2004. Beast Animation animates, advises, builds, organizes, and is the shoot location for short films, TV specials, and commercials.
  screen novelties los angeles
Screen Novelties is an animation collective featuring Mark Caballero, Seamus Walsh, and Chris Finnegan. The trio was instrumental in launching Robot Chicken and Moral Orel for Adult Swim.
  clapham road studios london
Clapham Road Studios is a leading animation studio founded in 1983 by Denis Russo Associates. The studio has been home to the production of over 250 commercials and promos in the last twenty-four years.
"Dragon Stop Motion has quickly become an invaluable tool to us for shooting stop motion commercials, films, and promos, and continues to get better and better."
—Matthew James Day, Cinematographer
  5am Fox Studios amsterdam
5am Fox Studios an award winning studio that specializes in high-end animation and video solutions for feature film, commercials and short films. Working passionately in stop-motion for over 15 years, 5am Fox Studios builds sets and puppets and animates for great clients from all over the world.
  pedri animation bv the netherlands
Founded by Peter Mansfelt and Paul Mathot, Pedri Animation specializes in stop-motion puppet building and stop-motion animation. For more than a decade Pedri Animation has been delivering high quality animation for commercials, childrens' series, leaders, corporate productions and short films, broadcast worldwide.
  animatorio Brazil
Offspring of the union between Hugo Takahashi, Gabriel Almeida, Guto Terni and PG Santiago, Animatório is a motion design studio always worried about generating creative solutions using the most diversified animation techniques: stop-motion, 3D, 2D and programming.
  A+C Studios United Kingdom
A team of artists, animators and storytellers; A+C Studios specialize in combining hand-crafted and original stop motion techniques with new and experimental ideas and design. They help world-class brands to capture the imagination of their audience by telling brilliant stories. Their clients include Unilever, Samsung, ITV, Harrods, Investec, E.ON, and many more.
"We're pushing boundaries and Dragonframe allows us to do that. It's an invaluable tool and is at the core of every production here at A+C Studios"
—Dan Richards, Founder And Director
  biscuit Filmworks Los Angeles, london
Los Angeles-based commercial film production company Biscuit Filmworks was founded in 2000 by Director Noam Murro and Managing Director Shawn Lacy.
  Can can club Argentina
As a traditional animation studio, Can Can Club uses stop motion and 2d animation to animate drawings, clay characters, found objects, orginal characters, and people.
  Cove Entertainment
Cove Entertainment is just a group of guys who try and make themselves laugh. Sometimes they get serious.
  grandchildren Portland
Grandchildren is the work and studio of Sean Pecknold and friends. They specialize in visuals, films, pictures, and animations.
  hornet inc. New York
Hornet represents and produces the work of directors who conceptualize in an assortment of media. Ranging from live action, animation, mixed media, stop-motion, 2D, 3D and film; Hornet fosters great talent to develop and support their vision.
  Jess3 Washington, D.C.
Jess3 is a creative interactive agency that specializes in the art of data visualization.
  KaAM France
KaAM Collective is a think-tank that brings creative talents to projects.
  Stop trick Germany
Stoptrick is a specialty animation studio located in Hamburg, Germany which produces both original content and advertisements for clients. They have won dozens of film awards -- including ADC, Clio and the German Economic Film Prize -- and been named one of Germany's 20 most creative production companies.
  lovo films Brussels
Since 2003 LOVO has happily produced some of the coolest spots in the Belgian and European markets for clients including Begacom, Coca-Cola, Telenet, Yamaha, TDK, Mio, McDonald's, Gordon Beer, Center Parcs, Renault, Seat...
  picturesmith London
Picturesmith makes well crafted stories for brands around the world from their studio in East London.
  charged studios Brooklyn
Charged Studios is a full service production facility catering to clients ranging from Madison Avenue Advertising to Local Artists. While the studio specializes in all forms of animation: stop motion, CG, traditional and mixed media, it's also a complete live action production resource.
  TRIKK17 Germany
TRIKK17 is one of the leading German production companies in the field of animation, specialized in Stop-Motion. The full service productions are ranging from commercials, shorts and music videos for international companies and partners like Coca Cola, VW, Wrigley, IKEA, Warner etc. to original content for features and TV Series.
Motion Design studios
  Digital kitchen chicago, los angeles
With companies like Prologue and Digital Kitchen using Dragonframe to shoot high-profile title sequences, you can imagine how digital stills are adding to the motion design palette. Experimental animations woven with text and CG are cropping up everywhere.
  prologue los angeles
"Using Dragon allowed for a great deal of control. Multiple channels can be programmed into the software for each take, which allowed the shooting of two light passes simultaneously in a single camera move, saving time in the painstaking process as well as allowing for seamless cuts between the two passes."
—Daria Polichetti, Director of Photography, Prologue
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