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Release Notes

Dragonframe 3.6.9

* Mac: Fixed startup spinning beachballs.
* Windows: Fixed Intel HD 7th Gen driver issue causing crazy blue artifacts on video assist.
* Windows: Fixed MJPG format with webcams.
* Windows: Request discrete graphics on dual-card NVidia and ATI machines.
* Other stability improvements.

Dragonframe 3.6.8

* Added macOS Sierra support.
* Improved audio performance on Windows.
* Fixed multiple test shots queuing up.
* Require even pixel width for AVI Uncompressed export.
* Stability improvements.

Dragonframe 3.6.7

* Fixed Canon EOS 1D III and 1DX image format list.
* DMX: Fixed ability to set levels by hand.
* Trial: Fixed Blackmagic capture during trial.
* DMX: Fixed scrolling down to channel 99.
* Arc: Fixed move test export cropping.
* Fixed hot key assignment issue with El Capitan.
* Fixed window modal dialog issue with El Capitan.

Dragonframe 3.6.5

* Fixed Canon EOS Rebel T5 (1200D) live view size.
* Windows: Keypad window stays on top of others.
* Fixed line-up layer scaling off-center.
* Line-up layer honors alpha levels.
* Fixed live view stacking that was broken in last version.
* Fixed short play speed changes.
* Fixed ProRes export failure with odd dimensions.
* Fixed losing audio track after Conform All.
* Allow for setting start frame to zero.

Dragonframe 3.6.4

* Added Canon EOS 5DS support.
* Added Canon EOS 5DS R support.
* OSX: Improve stability with Intel HD graphics.
* Export: Use smooth scaling for movie frames.
* Windows: Improve shutdown/logoff handling.

Dragonframe 3.6.3

* Added Canon EOS 750D (Digital Rebel T6i) support.
* Added Canon EOS 760D (Digital Rebel T6s) support.
* Added Nikon D5500 support.
* Capture: Fixed occasional capture failure with OS X Yosemite + Canon.
* Capture: Fixed partial thumbnail creation.
* Capture: Fixed shoot failure after canceling out of move dmx/moco.
* Export: Fixed audio cutting out halfway through mp4 export (OSX).
* Export: Fixed ProRes export crash with certain output sizes.
* Fixed missing increment editor buttons on Retina display (OSX).
* Arc: Fixed numeric entry in different locales (use US style).
* Cinematography: Fixed artifacts in live view focus rectangle.
* Cinematography: Added UHD (3840) 3D caliper sizing item.
* Cinematography: Fixed 3D calipers getting stuck off screen.
* Audio: Timeline scales centered at playhead.
* Audio: Fixed crash when switching take.
* X-Sheet: Store/restore x-sheet column widths.

Dragonframe 3.6.2

* Fixed duplicate scene allowing user to overwrite existing scene.
* Fixed corrupted JPEG high-res proxies when shooting RAW only formats.
* Fixed freeze with conform dialog warning.
* Fixed crash with mjp2/jpeg2000 movie files.
* Fixed Nikon live view not turning back on after capture.
* Arc: Fixed changing keyframe value resetting bezier handles.
* Mac: Fixed random freeze when quitting on OS X 10.10.
* Mac: Fix Microsoft LifeCam Studio settings.
* WinXP: Improve still camera detection and connection.
* Windows: Fix freeze when changing webcam output size.
* Windows: Fix Logitech C910/C920 focus controls.
* Windows: Improve webcam connection (HP, IPEVO)
* Windows: Warn user about VSFilter/DirectVodSub induced crashes.

Dragonframe 3.6.1

* Improved camera connectivity on Windows
* Fixed depth of field preview with Canon DSLRs
* Fixed Canon EOS 1000D live view magnification
* Fix RAW conversion on Windows
* Fix DNG export

Dragonframe 3.6.0

* Many stability improvements.
* Added Canon EOS 7D Mark II support
* Added Canon EOS 1200D (Digital Rebel T5) support
* Added Nikon D3200 support
* Added Nikon D3300 support
* Added Nikon D750 support
* Added Blackmagic Production Camera 4K (at 4K resolution)
* Added image sequence import

Dragonframe 3.5.9

* Added Nikon D810 and Nikon D4S support.
* Improved stability.
* Fixed default face set loading.
* Fixed crash with bad audio files.
* Fixed several printing issues.
* Changed "Show/Hide Cinematography" menu item to "Toggle Animation/Cinematography".
* Arc: Audio playback honors in and out markers.

Dragonframe 3.5.8

* Improved stability.
* Capture: Added 10-bit DPX capture from Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
* Capture: Fixed shoot multiple with live view magnification.
* Export: Fixed movie export timing with decimal fps.
* Export: Fixed portrait mode movie export.
* Cinematography: Fixed test shot thumbnail rotation when dragging.
* General: Report low disk space.
* Conform: Check disk space and report to user before conform.
* X-Sheet: Fixed "end frame" dialog going offscreen.
* Arc: Control more than 8 axes in jogpad mode.
* Arc: Fixed crash in jogpad mode.

Dragonframe 3.5.7

* Fixed sound not going to default audio output device (Mac).
* Fixed crash with wacom tablet attached (Mac).
* Fixed crash when double-clicking Dragonframe projects in file dialog (Win).

Dragonframe 3.5.6

* Fix crashes with Video Settings (in 3.5.5).
* Fix audio loading (broken in 3.5.5 on Mac) and program sounds.

Dragonframe 3.5.5

* Added support for Nikon D5300 and Nikon Df.
* Fixed Nikon focus area selection for some models (D5200, D610)
* Fixed Nikon D800 freezing during focus check.
* Mac : fixed crash with adding or removing monitors.
* Fixed Windows 8 memory leak (and subsequent crash) with mp4 export.
* Windows : closing Welcome screen from task bar doesn't leave Dragonframe running as background process.
* Fixed high-res proxy playback with newly created exposures.
* Fixed Snow Leopard file dialog freeze in Audio workspace.
* Nikon camera report focus failure during capture.
* Arc : Fixed motion control jog all crawling (DMC-16)
* Fixed DMX crash when setting keyframes from badge.

Dragonframe 3.5.4

* General : Added Nikon D610 support.
* General : Fixed update check reporting on program startup.
* General : Print to PDF if no real printer connected.
* General : Fixed action script on Windows.
* General : Added SAVE, EDIT actions to action script.
* General : Added file# to x-sheet export.
* Ani : Fixed aspect ratio mask resetting to custom setting.
* Ani : Fixed Animation workspace getting closed.
* Ani : Fixed Conform All conforming initial take.
* Ani : Improved handling of capture attempt while already capturing.
* Ani : Fixed undo with shoot multiple frames.
* Ani : Fixed playback out frame.
* Ani : Fixed timeline jumping after doing a hold.
* Audio : Fixed program crashing when playing sounds.
* Audio : Fixed handling when default audio device changes.
* Audio : Fixed audio change repaint in dmx, timeline, x-sheet.
* Audio : Fixed popping in imported audio.
* Export : Fixed Window mp4 export memory leak and subsequent crashes.
* Export : Fixed audio out point for movie exports.
* Export : Fixed crash during movie export after write error.
* Cine : Fixed live view orientation after clicking on test shot.
* Cine : Fixed aspect mask opacity slider when switching takes.
* Arc : Fixed DMC firmware update timing, waiting for it to finish properly.
* Arc : Configure moco devices after importing scene settings.
* Arc : Fixed arc select axis before first and after last keyframe.
* Arc : Fixed selecting and deleting targets.
* Arc : Fixed negative scaled moves.
* Arc : Implement IOTA controller limits for jogging and inching.
* Dmx : Fixed negative keyframes.

Dragonframe 3.5.3

* Fixed Intel GMA performance issues.
* Fixed Canon focus lockup on MacPro.
* Only allow one instance of application at once.
* Animation : Fixed live view magnification issues with portrait mode.
* Animation : Fixed crash with drawing layer.
* Animation : Fixed timeline jumping with "frame numbering on twos".
* Animation : Fixed drawing layer not properly loading in when switching takes.
* Cinematography : Fixed image info focal length display.
* Cinematography : Fixed color temperature not showing up in image info.
* Cinematography : Save/restore stereo caliper width and push-in choices.
* Cinematography : Fixed Cinematography workspace going all gray.
* Cinematography : Fixed Cinematography test shot thumbnails randomly scrolling around.
* Cinematography : Fixed IO image information going offscreen.
* Cinematography : After test shot is loaded, scroll to it.
* Cinematography : Fixed right-click in test shots selecting item first.
* Arc : Fixed slow test shot after motion control disconnect.
* Arc : Fixed jumping to last playback frame.
* Arc : Fixed jogging startup and improved performance.
* Arc : Clear 3D IO calculation after deleting keyframes.
* Arc : Fixed some jogging issues.
* Arc : Do not require rollback when getting in position for jogging.
* DMX : Fixed DMX program disappearing from DMX tree view after rearranging exposures.
* DMX : Fixed DMX lights coming back up after computer wakes from sleep.
* Potential fix for Windows mp4 export related crashes.
* Fixed camera test crashing when camera disconnects mid-test.
* Fixed some OpenGL initialization issues.
* Fixed issues with updating start and end frames.

Dragonframe 3.5.2

* Added Canon EOS 70D support.
* Fixed timeline jumping to a different section.
* Fixed bug that crashes/freezes program on switch to cinematography workspace.
* Arc real time playback warning adjusted by playback rate.
* Fixed Arc max live jog speed calculation.
* Fixed Arc jog all slider not returning to center after jogging to start or end.
* Disabled scroll wheel updating camera settings.
* Improved line-up layer and playback performance.
* Fixed animation palette and NavLine not showing up when entering animation workspace.
* Fixed capture blackout. It was happening before video assist.
* Fixed drawing vertical and horizontal hatches turning into crosshatches.
* Fixed Composition Guides showing up offscreen.
* Fixed Manage Takes dialog not updating Delete button properly.
* Fixed poor quality of Arc move test exported movie.
* Fixed potential crash with shoot multiple frames.
* Fixed multi-frame onionskin update issue.
* Fixed Arc keyframe selection indicator being off by one pixel sometimes.
* Fixed "step by holds" with hidden frames.
* "Step by Holds" is separate option in Capture menu.
* Stepping through timeline scrolls timeline if needed.
* Fixed crash with Auxiliary Monitor with no video source.
* Fixed arc "Upload Move" to DMC-16 after scaling or importing move.
* Fixed arc jog all buttons not working.
* Fixed arc live view turning on when live key pressed.
* Fixed image metadata not showing up when space was in file path (Windows).

Dragonframe 3.5.1

* Fixed timeline corruption when shooting multiples as a virtual hold after hidden frames.
* Shoot multiple popup now has checkbox for shooting as a virtual hold.
* Fixed crash with Export Still Image.
* Fixed Canon EOS 1100D live view size.
* Fixed Nikon D5100 live view auto shutoff.
* Fixed portrait mode view in DMX and Arc workspaces.
* Fixed live view status in Cinematography workspace.
* Windows : Fixed HDV artifacts.
* Fixed losing DMX program by deleting or reordering exposures.
* Video compression quality setting is now saved across scenes.
* Fixed auxiliary monitor on Retina display.
* Movie export shows file size and approximate bitrate.
* Windows : Fixed .mp4 (h.264) export creating empty file.
* Windows : Fixed colored folders not appearing.
* Fixed timeline issues after frame 1024.
* Fixed floating license support.
* Fixed jogpad keyboard focus issues.
* Mac : Fixed file dialog freeze for Folder Watching (OS X 10.6.8 only)
* Mac : Fixed incorrect reporting of crash when quitting application from Dock.
* Fixed crash with QuickTime reference movie.
* Fixed crash when cropping audio past end of track.
* Fixed crash when changing camera settings with popup box in Cinematography.
* Fixed ProRes color mismatch.
* Improved Conform progress bar accuracy.
* Audio lip-sync : Fixed copy/paste dialog/phonetics into another track/scene.
* Audio lip-sync : Fixed dialog/phonetics doing insert into of overwrite.
* Audio lip-sync : Fixed deleting text, having to click away.
* Audio lip-sync : Improved dialog/phonetics editing speed.
* Animation : Fixed onionskin slider to left of center.
* DMX : Fixed program name not showing up on Retina displays.
* Camera : Fixed Nikon camera tests failing when they should have succeeded.
* Mac : Fixed crash when pressing '0' on numeric keypad when numlock not on.
* Fixed crash when opening scene through Finder while program was in modal dialog.

Dragonframe 3.5.0

New Features for this Version

Dragonframe 3.5 is a complete rewrite of the software in C++, replacing
the Java version we have supported up until now. Overall it provides
improved performance with better resource (RAM/CPU) usage.

Important Changes

* We have dropped support for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard).
* We have dropped support for Canon PowerShot and Olympus cameras.

New Features and Improvements
* Faster loading of your project-frames are no longer loaded into RAM.
* No memory bar to constrain playback. You can play entire sequence of frames.
* Faster Live View rate (up to 30 FPS with Canon) with lower CPU usage.
* Improved Nikon and Canon connectivity.
* Major rework of frame hiding.
* Handles more audio file formats (wav, aac, aif, mp3).
* Retina (HI-DPI) assets on Mac.
* Mac Lion and Mountain Lion fullscreen support.
* Better line-up layer performance (no waiting for frames to load in).
* Simplified movie export options, with support for mp4 (H.264/ AAC) and Windows movie types (.avi).
* QuickTime not required on Windows.
* Webcam focus control (some Logitech models) with Arc programmability.
* Blackmagic capture device direct integration.
* Support for new camera models:
   Canon EOS 100D / EOS Digital Rebel SL1 / EOS Kiss X7
   Canon EOS 700D / EOS Digital Rebel T5i / EOS Kiss X7i
   Nikon D5200
   Nikon D7100
* Support for DMC-16 and real-time motion control.
* Motion control "move-shoot" mode and ability to send moco to different frames while animating.

Dragonframe 3.0.8

* Support for Canon EOS 6D.

Dragonframe 3.0.6

* Support for Nikon D600.

Dragonframe 3.0.5

* Support for Canon EOS 650D / Digital Rebel T4i.

Dragonframe 3.0.4

* Support for Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 1D X, and Canon 60Da.
* Support for Nikon D4, Nikon D800, and Nikon D800e.
* Improved support for Mark Roberts S3 Stereoscopic Slider.

Dragonframe 3.0.3

* Webcam control for white-balance, exposure and focus when available.
* Fix Canon RAW processing issue.
* Improve conform reliability.
* User guide updates.
* Fix startup issue with Chinese version.
* Improved DFMoco sketch for Arduino, chipKIT and Maple boards.
* Prompt user to zero all motors when quitting.

Dragonframe 3.0.2

* Major DMX workspace speed improvements.
* Fix trigger input for DDMX-S2/IOTA on Windows.
* Fix for Nikon D5100 on Windows.

Dragonframe 3.0.1

* Improved lip-sync audio sync with video.
* Updated DFMoco sketch for longer pulse widths and kill switch.
* French and Chinese language updates.
* QT export warning if files are corrupt/missing.
* Fix Windows audio playback issue.

Dragonframe 3.0.0

* Initial 3.0 release.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.8

* Improved startup on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
* Fixed Canon EOS 1000D focus check.
* Added support for DVCPRO cameras (requires codecs).
* Removed NumLock detection and reset.
* IIDC camera setting support restored, when using QT Legacy Capture devices.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.7

* Updated for Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
* Fixed Canon Powershot connectivity with Leopard and Snow Leopard running in 32-bit mode.
* Fixed Nikon D3X live view connectivity.
* Cinematography window properly updates camera settings display when switching takes.
* Improved French translation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.5

* Added support for Canon EOS 600D/T3i and 1100D/T3. (No PPC support).
* Fixed blank frames and long delays with video source capture.
* Audio scrubbing on step-to frame (was on step-from frame previously).
* Fixed issues with non-ASCII characters on Windows.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.3

* Fixed QuickTime line-up layer crash on Windows.
* Fixed live view magnification when image is rotated/flipped.
* Fixed program sounds playback on some Windows systems.
* Fixed importing of camera settings from another scene.
* Improved German translation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.2

* Fixed Nikon D7000 issue with installer.
* Fixed line-up layer frame loading issue.
* Improved playback with audio window open.
* Improved Spanish translation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.1

* Added Nikon D7000 Support
* Fixed 3D Stereo QuickTime Export

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.0

* Multiple language interface.
* Improved audio editing.
* Improved hot key configuration.
* Numerous improvements to DMX interface.
* Added X-Sheet export to CSV/Excel.
* Fixed lock-up during playback with toggle on.
* Fixed line-up layer not updating with latest QT.
* Hides serial number from interface.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.2.1

* Fixed missing opacity slider in tool palette.
* Fixed line-up movie showing when stepping past live frame.
* Improved capture blackout across all monitors.
* Fixed capture blackout issues on XP.
* Added ESC key closes blackout window.
* Fixed DV input on Mac PPC computers running Leopard.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.2.0

* 3D Stereo Review: View anaglyphs, set convergence or edge float, and adjust interocular distances.
* 3D Test Shots: Take 3D test shots and use the 3D review tools to evaluate them.
* 3D Playback: Play 3D sequences using anaglyphs or transparencies in color or black and white.
* Export Stereo (3D) QuickTime: Export 3D sequences to QuickTime.
* Improved DMX Keyframe Editing: Select multiple keyframes and drag them on the timeline to change timing.
* Collapsible Cinematography Tools: Collapse tools like the Digital Densitometer or Camera Control when you're not using them.
* Cinematography Image Export: Export still images the way they appear in the Cinematography window.
* Improved Canon EOS connection reliability.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.1.0

* Auxiliary monitor support
* Image sequence export
* Advanced composition guides
* Punch-In for animation
* Automation of lighting and external devices with DDMX-S2 or IOTA Controller
* Automation of 3D shooting with IOTA Stereoscopic Slider

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.6

* Fixed thumbnail creation on secondary drive/volume.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.5

* Added Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i) support.
* Fixed Canon EOS 50D/7D/5D MkII auto-focus with digital lens.
* Fixed Canon EOS 7D lock-up with Depth-of-Field preview enabled.
* Fixed frame number mix-up when SHOOT pressed too quickly.
* Fixed error caused by pressing DELETE during capture.
* Application shows up in Snow Leopard OS X Server.
* Fixed create/rename new folder in Save As dialog (Windows).
* Avoids connection to problematic CellSoft DSLR Source (Windows).

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.4

* Added support for Canon 1D Mark IV.
* Fixed Nikon preview stills mode with RAW image capture.
* Fixed Nikon capture status after failed capture.
* Fixed Nikon occasional hang with RAW + JPG capture.
* Fixed hang on Mac when closing video/iSight connection.
* Added specific warnings about focus and mirror-up capture errors.
* Fixed Windows XP launch errors.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.3

* Fixed Canon hang when extending shutdown timer.
* Fixed Canon crash when quitting application (rare).
* Option to use QuickTime legacy video connectivity for greater control.
* Fixed capture devices not showing up because initial dimensions weren't available.
* Added latest Nikon modules for Windows 7.
* Fixed MacOS issue with unplugging external drive while working.
* Fixed QuickTime export pre-crop when project is on external drive.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.2

* Added Canon 7D and Nikon D300S support.
* Cutback with delete now deletes the frame you cut back to.
* Auto-detect cameras with new scene waits for camera list to be updated once.
* Fix instability with HDV source in Snow Leopard.
* Fix generic PTP camera interface connecting to Canon/Nikon cameras.
* Reduce threads communicating with 64-bit helper application.
* Fixed error when setting 'open with' image application.
* Playhead stays where it was after an edit occurs.
* Fixed a division-by-zero error.
* Keypad DELETE for Dragon Controller shows on correct key.
* Fix exposure preview offset for Canon 5D Mk II.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.1

* Added feedback after reporting a problem or submitting camera report.
* Fixed startup for 32-Bit Intel Macs with Snow Leopard.
* Fixed auto-toggle frames (was off by one).
* Fixed cut/copy/paste of frames in middle of sequence.
* Fixed wifi card detection on Vista.
* Fixed startup issue after deactivating license.
* Fixed Nikon crash when taking preview frame.
* Improved 64-bit to 32-bit process communication.
* Fixed memory leak in Canon live view implementation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.0

Initial release.
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