Honda Paper by PES

PES flips his way through Honda’s amazing history with this stop motion short “Honda Paper”. This spot is definitely a grandchild of the highly innovative 2010 film VIDEOGIOCO by Donato Sansone.

Coastal Cool by Buck

Simplicity is never really simple…Buck Studios does a great job with this spare and clean presentation. “Coastal Cool” is a spot for Sherwin Williams/HGTV and seeks to inspire everyday people to become artists in their own homes. The sharp lighting brings a sunny day and the creamy negative space just takes all cares away…not to mention the smooth, aquatic yet subtly crab-like motion in the animation. Honestly, all that planning must have been a beach! Here also is a piece from Buck, from the yesteryear of 2010, that they did for the launch of Google eBooks. Read on to hear from HGTV about why they chose Buck.

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