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God Knows / Jeff Scher

We are thrilled to be sharing Jeff Scher’s latest creation, and a new technique he calls “Can-imation”. The process involves a tin can on rollers and brushed on paint, eventually overlaid on top of itself, creating a energetic juxtaposition of colors and textures. Racing squiggles, blobs, smears, dots, and splashes all are invited to this paint party!

Jeff Scher is credited in this Fastco Design article as the inventor of the new animation technique, along with providing us a few additional details on his process. Scher gives a nod to Dragonframe, acknowledging “the film/technique would not have been possible without Dragon(frame) and onion skinning. I registered each frame by lining it up with the information from the previous frame via onion.”

Thanks Jeff and keep rolling out the paint!

Behind the scenes in Scher’s studio:

Blog by Amun Levy

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