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Sajun / Daddy Mojo

Salman Sajon and his team of talented artists make a delicate teaser for Daddy Mojo. Using motion control from Kessler Crane, Sajon celebrates the Daddy Mojo cigar box like only a stop motion filmmaker can. You can add Salman Sajun to your list of stop motion creators to watch. He and his team are knocking out plenty of fresh and stylized work.

Here is a fun peek into the Salman Sajon studio with a classic behind the scenes clip:

View the entire Project – salmansajun.com/#/daddymojo/

Client: Daddy Mojo

Director – Salman Sajun
Making of Footage – Edouard Léo, Marÿon Favier, Ian Langohr
Animatic – Marÿon Favier
Props – Lenny Roberts, Salman Sajun
Stop Motion Animators – Lenny Roberts, Marÿon Favier, Missy Rose Hidic
Post Production – Maryion Favior
Sound Supervisor – Mattia Cellotto
Sound Designer – Mayte Cabrera Cazorla
Equipment – Kessler Crane

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  • Salman Sajun

    Thanks so much for the post!! :)

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