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jordan bruner / the leaf woman & the centaur

A beautiful new work from Jordan Bruner. Layers of Bruner’s distinctive illustrations dance through a dreamscape draped in black. Read on as Bruner explains the mythic inspirations behind The Leaf Woman and the Centaur.


    The Leaf Woman and the Centaur is a stop-motion animated film that looks to reconcile a set of creation myths and re- establish the act of experiencing the story as their central component. In the same way Paradise Lost articulated the felix culpa (beneficial fall of man) within the Biblical beginnings, or Dante’s Inferno explored our ethical and spiritual scaffolding, The Leaf Woman and the Centaur will use the same basic tropes present in every creation myth to emphasize the value of an ancient experience that died with the cold logic of words. This is the first episode.

The Leaf Woman & The Centaur was shot using a down-shooter set up. Jordan moved cut-out, hinged paper puppets on black paper, black velvet and occasionally green paper to pull a key. After shooting with Dragonframe the scenes were composited using Adobe After Effects.

We look forward to exploring more of Jordan’s multi-layered work in the near future.

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