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caliri / making the rifle’s spiral

I’ve been writing the Dragonframe blog here for the past year and recently it was my extreme pleasure and honor to do the scenic art for the Shins video ‘Rifle’s Spiral’ off of their latest album, Port of Morrow. Read on for a very happy first person account of working on a Jamie Caliri production and to see a great video on the motion control, shot by shot.

Working alongside Anthony Scott and all of the incredibly talented crew felt like a coveted degree education, in and of itself, in animation, lighting and film. Watching the dynamic duo of Jamie Caliri and Alex Juhasz in full stride is a constant thrill: intuitive communication, a delightful blend of high energy, high standards, high (and low) humor and dedication to the art of ‘going for it’. Alex’s style is bold yet sensitve, beautifully refined but never overdone. Jamie sets up a very supportive environment, exacting but trusting- the only fear is not ‘giving your all’, and when you’re that inspired, doing so is as easy as it is rewarding.

The puppets, props and sets were of course instantly enchanting. But seeing them transform with lighting and framing, and then the impossibly subtle storytelling of the animation, really brought home the entire medium for me.

    Vera Long

The Rifle’s Spiral was also the maiden voyage of the VOLO Motion Control Crane. Jamie Caliri explains, shot by shot, how it pulled off some grand tricks on a small stage:

For those that haven’t seen the Rifle’s Spiral:

Making of and Volo Videos by

Joel Hodge and Steve Beebe, Quartermile Films

Photo credits

topmost row Joel Hodge
all others Vera Long

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  • Stopmo

    Way to wrap up a fantastic project.  Always a pleasure working with Jamie and the crew in Ojai.  

  • http://twitter.com/Apoctopus Apoctopus

    Beautiful work guys (and gals)…

  • m_pirata


  • Heather DIxon

    This is so incredible. Thank you for sharing.

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